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11.03.2016 17:19

GHB is a chemical regularly encountered throughout the dance and party world. It is recognized as a ‘date rape’ substance, and a person might not notice if GHB is secreted into your beverage at a celebration. The fundamental danger with GHB is from an over dose, which could possibly kill you.

GHB is a bitter or slightly salty tasting fluid that is odorless or has a negligible odor, but can also be encountered in powdered or tablet form. GHB commonly doesn’t feature any color, but could be dyed brilliant blue. It is usually administered orally, but can be shot through a syringe.

GHB is also widely known as fantasy, GBH (grievous bodily harm), G, blue nitro and liquid ecstasy. GHB is an acronym of the chemical name gamma-hydroxybutyric acid.

GHB impacts

GHB is a depressant substance, which indicates it reduces the signals both to and from the brain/nervous system. It was originally introduced as a general anaesthetic, and makes people that use it sleepy.

The beginning impacts of GHB are very like alcohol inebriation, such as reduced inhibitions and slurred and heavy speech. Consumers could become out of equilibrium, forgetful, feel sick and vomit.

GHB is recognized as a date rape drug since it’s effortlessly camouflaged in alcoholic beverages (drink spiking).

The danger of overdosing on GHB is extremely high, particularly if it is blended with other sorts of sedative substances like alcohol.

Cognitive/emotional health concerns

GHB overdoses can trigger auditory and visual hallucinations, forgetfulness and loss of consciousness.

Very little is known regarding its longer term effects, but frequent abuse can bring about tolerance and dependency.


Withdrawal symptoms end in approximately 12 hours after the final dosage, and frequently last for two weeks or so. They include:

going through confusion and stress, uneasy and paranoid feeling depressed trouble attempting to sleep muscle tissue cramping pains and trembling sensory hallucinations higher heart speed.


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